Community Health: Obesity





From my research in my community area, I have selected obesity that is listed as the greatest cause disease, injuries, incapacity, disability or premature death. The obese condition demands a strong move towards at the community level to counter it. The community has a growing level of obese children and mature people amongst it. There is a common notion in the community that obesity is basically a cosmetic challenge but the conditions a tragic state that acts as an entry point to many health risks to the person.

The community health centre receives a group of health complaints attached to overweight and obesity-related conditions. The eminent health conditions that continuously affects the community that are related to the obesity conditions include coronary heart disease and stroke. The other conditions include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypoventilation syndrome, reproductive problems, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and gallstones. Some of the conditions are fatal while others temporary and less chronic. The group provides the list of diseases that recurrently contributes to the disease morbidity and eventual premature death in my community.

Coronary Heart Disease is a condition obtained when a waxy material referred to as plaque accumulates on the inside the coronary arteries segments. It is a common disease that impacts the society when the body mass index escalates. The affected blood vessels are the main vessels that convey a large volume of blood to various sections in the body. The impacts of the plaque include the narrowing or blocking of the coronary artery while the blood flows into the heart muscle. The process leads to the impacts like angina and other conditions like a heart attack. Angina is majorly a chest pain or rather a discomfort that impacts the community at most of the time. The community has witnessed several cases where the people have succumbed to heart failure. Heart failure prompts the death since the heart can’t pump adequate blood to needed for the entire body (Sizer, Piché & Whitney, 2012).

According to (Sizer, Piché & Whitney, 2012), high blood pressure refers to the force of blood that pushes on the walls of the arteries while the heart is pumping through it. When the blood pressure stays at a high state, it may result in the damage of the body in multifaceted ways. The chances of people having high Blood Pressure rises when a person becomes overweight. Stroke is another common condition people in the community are highly affected with. Stroke is another common disease that affect the senior members of the community. The condition is recurrently connected to overweight that prompts the buildup of plaque in the arteries. There is an eventual rupturing of the region affected by Plaque thus leading to blood clot formation. The presence of the clot close to the brain leads to the blockage of Blood flow and even oxygen supply to the brain thus prompting augmented dangers. The level of risk is consistently attached to the rise in the levels of BMI.

The controversial community health concerns raised in our local newspaper in the daily occasions are the ever increasing levels of statistics or trends on the obesity levels that encounter the youth segment of the community. The youthful segment is steadily encountering complications from obesity. The community residents below the teenage age are constantly affected by diseases that were initially not related to their age. The according to most consulted doctors, such conditions are encountered due to poor control and prevention model that is yet to be adopted by the community. The doctors have always advised that regular exercises and proper eating or balanced diet is the main remedy to the challenge affecting the society.

The youths are constantly affected by impacts of type 2 Diabetes that is a common problem in the society. Diabetes is an ailment that emanates from the risen level of blood glucose in the body. The body constantly breaks food particles glucose that are then ferried throughout the body to aid in several cases. Glucose levels and adjustments are designed to control the levels of blood sugar in the body. With common use of the insulin normal body can manage the blood sugar but that is not a normal case for the diabetic since their body fails to undertake the process due to issues related to weight and other factors. Diabetes is relatable to obese and is also a major cause to other several illness like early death, stroke, CHD, kidney disease, and even blindness affects many people in the community level (Sizer, Piché & Whitney, 2012).

I believe people in my community are hugely concerned about the symptomatic stage of the diseases than consideration of the prevention point of the major health risks that affect the community. Failure to change routine and inclusion of issues like regular exercises and rejection of certain food types as the main aid for the community has been constantly sidestepped in the bid to reform the tradition in the community level. People are constantly more attracted to their jobs, hobbies, and other issues at the expense of the health and family. Consumption of junk has become the normal daily routine for several people in the community thus causing massive harm to the society (Sizer, Piché & Whitney, 2012).

The chronic ailments such as stroke, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, gallstones and diabetes are commonest diseases that contribute to huge admission level or most visits to the emergency room or hospital admission this community. These diseases are related to the obese level of an individual and control of the condition would highly lead to control of their destructive nature. Poor routine management and lifestyle approach of the community is the main cause of the dwindling quality of life of the people in my community. In conclusion, quick approach on the stemming of life routines and lifestyles would comprehensively mean that most of these ailments would be overcome in meant time. The conditions demand quick approach by non-governmental and governmental groups. The war can only be won through comprehensive dialogue and education process that would mean they defeat it.


Sizer, F. S., Piché, L. A., & Whitney, E. N. (2012). Nutrition: Concepts and controversies. Toronto: Nelson Education.